Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Recipe - A Taste of Taiwan at Home

Dish recipes: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
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Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup is a cherished dish that has captured the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts worldwide. This recipe will guide you through creating an authentic and flavorful bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup in the comfort of your own kitchen. Get ready to savor the delicious essence of Taiwan.


For the Broth:

2 pounds beef shank or brisket, cut into chunks

1 onion, peeled and halved

3 cloves garlic, smashed

2-inch piece of ginger, sliced

2 stalks of green onions, cut into segments

2 cinnamon sticks

3 star anise pods

5-6 cups water

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 tablespoons rock sugar (or regular sugar)

Salt and white pepper to taste

For the Soup:

  1. 8 ounces dried wheat noodles (thick or thin, your choice)

Bok choy or Taiwanese cabbage, chopped

Fresh cilantro leaves

Red chili flakes (optional)

Chopped green onions

Pickled mustard greens (optional)


Step 1: Prepare the Broth

In a large pot, blanch the beef chunks in boiling water for a few minutes. Drain and set aside. In the same pot, add the onion halves, smashed garlic cloves, ginger slices, green onion segments, cinnamon sticks, and star anise pods. Place the blanched beef back into the pot. Pour in the water, soy sauce, and add the rock sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. Let the broth simmer for at least 2 hours, skimming off any impurities that rise to the surface. Season with salt and white pepper to taste.

Step 2: Prepare the Noodles and Toppings

While the broth is simmering, cook the wheat noodles according to the package instructions. Drain and set aside. Blanch the chopped bok choy or Taiwanese cabbage in boiling water for a minute or two until tender. Drain and set aside. Prepare the fresh cilantro leaves, red chili flakes (for those who like it spicy), chopped green onions, and pickled mustard greens if desired.

Step 3: Assemble the Soup

Place a serving of cooked noodles and blanched bok choy in each bowl. Ladle the hot beef broth over the noodles and vegetables, ensuring each bowl gets a generous portion of beef. Add your desired amount of fresh cilantro, red chili flakes, chopped green onions, and pickled mustard greens.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Homemade Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Mix the toppings and seasonings into the soup according to your taste preferences. Serve your Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup piping hot and savor the authentic flavors of Taiwan from the comfort of your own home.

This homemade Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup captures the essence of Taiwan's vibrant food culture. With its rich and aromatic broth, tender chunks of beef, and a medley of toppings, it's a truly satisfying culinary experience. Whether you're reminiscing about your travels to Taiwan or discovering this beloved dish for the first time, this recipe allows you to enjoy a taste of Taiwan right in your own kitchen.