Chupe de Camarones Recipe: Peruvian Shrimp Chowder Delight

Dish recipes: Chupe de Camarones

Embark on a culinary adventure with our Chupe de Camarones recipe. This Peruvian shrimp chowder is a celebration of flavors, blending succulent shrimp with a rich and comforting broth.


Gather the essentials for a bowl of Chupe de Camarones:

Large shrimp, peeled and deveined (1 lb / 0.5 kg)

Fish stock (4 cups / 1 liter)

Potatoes, diced (2 cups / 300 g)

Corn on the cob, cut into rounds (2 ears)

Evaporated milk (1 cup / 240 ml)

Aji amarillo paste (2 tablespoons / 30 g)

Onion, finely chopped (1)

Garlic cloves, minced (3)

Eggs (2)

Oregano, dried (1 teaspoon / 5 g)

Salt and pepper, to taste


Follow these steps to create a bowl of Chupe de Camarones perfection

Prepare the Broth:

In a pot, combine fish stock, diced potatoes, corn rounds, aji amarillo paste, chopped onion, minced garlic, and dried oregano. Simmer until potatoes are tender.

Add Shrimp and Eggs:

Introduce the peeled and deveined shrimp to the pot. Once they turn pink, add beaten eggs slowly, stirring gently.

Incorporate Evaporated Milk:

Pour in the evaporated milk, allowing it to enhance the creaminess of the chowder. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Ladle the Chupe de Camarones into bowls, ensuring each serving captures the essence of Peruvian comfort. Garnish with fresh herbs for an extra touch.

Chupe de Camarones is more than soup it's a symphony of Peruvian flavors. Immerse yourself in the warmth of this shrimp chowder for a true taste of Peru.