Chelo Kebab Recipe: A Mouthwatering Persian Delight

Dish recipes: Chelo Kebab
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Indulge in the rich flavors of Persian cuisine with our tantalizing Chelo Kebab recipe. Originating from Iran, Chelo Kebab is a classic dish that consists of succulent grilled meat served alongside fluffy saffron-infused rice. This iconic combination of tender meat and fragrant rice, often accompanied by grilled tomatoes and a pat of butter, is a true feast for the senses. Join us on a culinary journey to discover the art of preparing and savoring Chelo Kebab.


1 lb (450g) ground beef or lamb

1 onion, finely grated

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 teaspoon ground sumac

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups basmati rice

3 cups water

A pinch of saffron threads, dissolved in 2 tablespoons hot water

Butter, for serving

Grilled tomatoes, for serving (optional)


In a large mixing bowl, combine the ground meat, grated onion, minced garlic, ground turmeric, ground sumac, ground cumin, salt, and pepper. Mix well until all the ingredients are evenly incorporated. Divide the meat mixture into equal portions and shape each portion into long, cylindrical kebabs around metal skewers or bamboo sticks. Preheat a grill or grill pan over medium-high heat. Grill the kebabs for 8-10 minutes, turning occasionally, until cooked through and lightly charred on the outside. Remove from the grill and set aside. Meanwhile, rinse the basmati rice under cold water until the water runs clear. In a medium pot, bring the water to a boil over high heat. Add the rinsed rice to the boiling water along with a pinch of salt. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the rice is tender and the water is absorbed. Remove the pot from the heat and let it sit, covered, for 5 minutes. Then, drizzle the saffron water over the rice and gently fluff it with a fork to distribute the saffron evenly. To serve, mound the saffron rice onto a serving platter and top it with the grilled kebabs. Place a pat of butter on top of each kebab and garnish with grilled tomatoes, if desired.


Chelo Kebab is traditionally served family-style, with the saffron rice and grilled kebabs arranged beautifully on a large platter. Serve alongside fresh herbs, such as parsley or cilantro, and yogurt or cucumber salad for a complete Persian feast. Don't forget plenty of lavash or naan bread to soak up the delicious juices.

Chelo Kebab is more than just a meal – it's a celebration of the vibrant flavors and culinary traditions of Iran. With its tender, flavorful meat and fragrant saffron rice, this dish is sure to impress and delight your family and friends. Bring the taste of Persia into your home with our authentic Chelo Kebab recipe.