String Hoppers Recipe: Taste Sri Lanka's Culinary Delight

Dish recipes: String Hoppers
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Embark on a culinary adventure to Sri Lanka with our String Hoppers recipe, a unique and delicious dish that showcases the heart of Sri Lankan cuisine. In this article, we'll guide you through crafting these delicate, steamed rice noodles while sharing insights into their cultural significance.

Exploring Sri Lankan String Hoppers

String Hoppers are more than just a dish; they're a symbol of Sri Lankan culinary tradition. These thin, delicate rice noodles are steamed to perfection and served with an array of flavorful accompaniments. Whether enjoyed for breakfast or as part of a festive meal, String Hoppers are a testament to the diversity and richness of Sri Lankan gastronomy.

Ingredients You'll Need:

For the String Hoppers:

Rice flour



For Accompaniments (varies):

Coconut sambal

Dhal curry

Fish curry

Chicken curry

Vegetable curry


Hard-boiled eggs

Fresh herbs


Preparing the String Hoppers:

In a mixing bowl, combine rice flour, water, and a pinch of salt. Knead the mixture until you achieve a smooth, pliable dough. The dough should be soft but not sticky.

Divide the dough into small portions and roll each portion into a smooth ball.

Take a string hopper press or mold (a special kitchen tool) and fill it with a portion of the dough.

Press the dough through the mold to create thin, noodle-like strands onto small, round mats or banana leaves.

Steam the String Hoppers in a steamer for about 5-7 minutes or until they are cooked through and firm to the touch.

Serving String Hoppers:

Serve the String Hoppers warm, either on individual plates or as a communal dish.

Accompany them with an array of traditional Sri Lankan dishes such as coconut sambal, dhal curry, fish curry, chicken curry, vegetable curry, chutney, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh herbs.

String Hoppers are traditionally eaten by hand. Simply mix and match the accompaniments to your liking, and enjoy the delightful flavors.

String Hoppers: A Taste of Sri Lankan Tradition

String Hoppers encapsulate the essence of Sri Lankan cuisine, offering a delicate and versatile base that pairs harmoniously with a variety of flavorful accompaniments. Whether savored for a special occasion or as a daily meal, String Hoppers invite you to experience the cultural richness and culinary heritage of Sri Lanka.

Experience the authentic taste of Sri Lanka by preparing this String Hoppers recipe and exploring the cultural significance it holds.