Balut Recipe: Experiencing the Unique Delicacy

Dish recipes: Baluto
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Embark on a culinary journey with our Balut recipe, a unique delicacy that holds a special place in Filipino cuisine. Known for its distinctive flavors and cultural significance, Balut offers a taste adventure like no other.


To prepare this Filipino delicacy, gather the following ingredients:

Fertilized duck eggs (in lb and kg)

Rock salt (in lb and kg)

Vinegar (in lb and kg)


Follow these steps to master the art of preparing Balut

Selecting the Eggs:

Carefully choose fertilized duck eggs, ensuring freshness.

Boiling the Eggs:

Place the eggs in boiling water, adding rock salt to enhance flavor.

Steaming Perfection:

Steam the eggs until the embryo reaches a tender consistency.

Serving Tradition:

Present the Balut with a side of rock salt and vinegar for an authentic experience.


Enjoy the unique experience of Balut by cracking open the shell, sprinkling a bit of rock salt, and sipping the broth before relishing the tender embryo.

Balut is not just a dish it's a cultural encounter. Immerse yourself in Filipino culinary heritage by savoring this distinctive and flavorful delicacy.