Sweet Harmony: Crafting the Koba Recipe

Dish recipes: Koba
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Embark on a sweet journey to Madagascar with our Koba recipe. This traditional Malagasy dessert, a delightful marriage of peanuts, rice flour, and bananas, is a celebration of the island's culinary artistry and the joy found in simplicity.


1 lb peanuts, roasted and finely ground (kg: 0.45)

1 lb rice flour (kg: 0.45)

4 ripe bananas, mashed

1 cup coconut milk (lb: 0.45, kg: 0.2)

1 cup brown sugar (lb: 0.45, kg: 0.2)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Banana leaves for wrapping

Cooking twine


In a large bowl, combine roasted and finely ground peanuts, rice flour, mashed bananas, coconut milk, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix until a smooth batter forms. Cut banana leaves into rectangles, ensuring they are large enough to wrap the Koba. Place a generous portion of the batter onto the center of a banana leaf. Fold the leaf over the batter, creating a rectangular parcel. Secure with cooking twine. Steam the wrapped Kobas for about 1 to 1.5 hours until they firm up. Allow the Kobas to cool before unwrapping. Slice the Koba into rounds and serve.


Serve Koba slices at room temperature, savoring the rich blend of peanuts, bananas, and coconut. This delightful dessert is a testament to the sweetness found in simplicity.

Let Koba be your introduction to the soulful desserts of Madagascar a treat that captures the essence of joy through its harmonious flavors.