Maldivian Delight: Garudhiya Recipe Revealed

Dish recipes: Garudhiya
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Embark on a culinary journey to the azure waters of the Maldives with our Garudhiya recipe. A traditional fish soup cherished by locals, Garudhiya is a flavorful delight that captures the essence of the Maldivian seas.


2 lbs tuna chunks (kg: 0.9)

1 onion, finely sliced

2 tomatoes, diced

2 green chilies, sliced

4 cups water

2 cups coconut milk

1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds

Salt and pepper to taste


In a pot, combine tuna chunks, sliced onion, diced tomatoes, and green chilies. Add water and bring to a gentle simmer, allowing the flavors to meld. In a separate pan, toast fenugreek seeds until aromatic, then grind into a fine powder. Add the fenugreek powder to the pot, followed by coconut milk. Simmer until the soup is infused with rich flavors. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.


Serve Garudhiya hot, allowing the aroma of the oceanic soup to waft through your kitchen. Accompany it with steamed rice or flatbreads for a wholesome Maldivian experience.

Let the flavors of Garudhiya transport you to the Maldivian shores, where the bounty of the sea is celebrated in a bowl of comforting warmth a true reflection of Maldivian hospitality.